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My name is Mikael Baggström, and I am a music composer, producer and artist from Sweden. I want to invite you to go on a learning journey, to level up your knowledge, experience and skills in music.

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Master your knowledge and skills in music composition, production, sound design etc. Which music courses are you interested in?

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Mike in Studio
Magical Fantasy Music

How to Compose Magical Fantasy Music

Welcome to a new amazing adventure, where you will explore the wonderful world of magical fantasy music. Music that will take you into a world of dreams and wonders, full of nostalgic vibes, peaceful sounds and sweet emotions.

Master Chord Progressions

How to create Amazing Chord Progressions

Do you want to become a master of chord progressions and shaping the story of harmonies in your music? Learn how to create amazing chord progressions, full of expression and variation that shapes the emotion and energy of your music.

Master Melody and Themes

How to write Memorable Melodies

Do you want to become a master of writing and creating memorable melodies in music composition? Write anything from beautiful lyrical melodies, to energy-lifting, inspiring and adventurous themes, to powerful and mighty motifs.